A Writer After My Own Heart

Sarah Romero

The latter half of 2011 has been my Breakfast at Tiffany’s period.  It started when I attempted to use the Audrey Hepburn film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, as a way to lull my three-year old son to sleep one night.  It failed to put him to sleep, but it did spark what I hope will be a long, shared love of classic films between me and my son.  The next night, he specifically asked to watch “the movie with the lady eating a doughnut in front of the window… the one with ‘Cat.'”

On a trip to the Rancho Mirage Public Library shortly after our movie night, I was compelled to check out Breakfast at Tiffany’s: A short novel and three stories by Truman Capote (New York: Random House, Inc., 1958).  As much as I loved the film version for its romanticism, I loved the original form of the story…

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