12 Best Unusual Things To Do In Southern California

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If you’re looking for off the beaten path places to explore in Southern California, check out my list below! You’re off to quite an adventure here especially if you like graffiti. I have been to these places myself. Make sure to click on the name of those places to find out more information about them such as location, direction, and associated fees.

I love the Getty, but sometimes, I just want to be away from the crowd. Below are some unusual adventures in Southern California that you can do this weekend.

Here’s the quick list and more description with pictures below.


1. Salvation Mountain
2. Griffith Park Old Zoo
3. Lost Sunken City
4. Venice Canals
5. Sculptures of Anza Borrego
6. Salton Sea
7. Abandoned Water Tanks at Slab City
8. International Banana Museum 
9. East Jesus Desert Post Apocalyptic Art Project

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Beautiful Is Not The Best Thing You Can Be

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 7.25.45 AMLulu Lovering

I don’t wear makeup.

I don’t go to the gym and sweat myself out for a killer body. I didn’t win the genetic lottery. I don’t have perfect skin or a small nose. I don’t have long lashes or pinkish, full lips. I don’t have an ideal height or weight. I don’t have perfect teeth, my eyes aren’t even symmetrical.

I might not meet up the beauty standard ever — no matter what I do. My parents might be the only people who ever tell me that I am pretty and believe it. This is okay. My life isn’t about trying to be a kind of beautiful that falls into a very specific, physical standard. 

My life is about being the friend people run to for comfort and support after a long day. My life is about remembering what matters; learning about the people who I love, making them happy. My life…

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Another 20 “Forgotten” Words That Should Be Brought Back

I like “bunbury” the most.

Just English

Languages are living things that shift and evolve over time. If you look at the history of the English language, from Anglo Saxon through the Great Vowel Shift to what we consider Standard English today, you’ll notice that it has undergone some spectacular changes over the centuries. Some basic words have stuck around through the ages, like “father”, “house”, “egg”, “boat” and so on, but just as new words developed over time, other words were discarded along the way.

Many others from Shakespeare’s time through to the early 20th century have fallen out of common usage, and we are undoubtedly the poorer for it. Here are 20 words that could only serve to add a bit more colour to our daily lives if they happened to come back into regular use.

1. Bunbury


An imaginary person whose name is used as an excuse to some purpose, especially to…

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