How I found feminism in Isla Vista

I found feminism in IV too!



Everyone know about what happened in Isla Vista on Friday night. 7 people were murdered and 7 others were wounded. Today on my radio show (dedicated to women’s local news and music) after sending my heart out to all the people affected by this tragedy and reciting a help hotline phone number, I received a phone call from a regular listener who told me to put this tragedy in context with all the US drone strikes going on in the world. He told me my show was “blatantly sexist” because I focus on women’s issues in the area. What he doesn’t realize is mass media is male orientated and my show isn’t “sexist” because it focuses on women. On the contrary, my show is suppose to be a place were women can be celebrated for their athletic and musical achievements. Sexism is the prejudice or discrimination of a particular gender. I am not hating men by focusing on women. I’m trying to show that women are people too and want their voices to be heard. Regardless, this incident showed me that the ideology that fueled Elliot Rodger’s rampage is still out there.

 “DANGER”: Comments about Black Men, White Women, and Science in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014)

So true!

Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while entertaining on the surface, is problematic. Naturally, it fails the Bechdel Test (to pass, a movie ONLY needs to have at least two women with names, who talk to each other, about something other than a man). Like the recent Superman movie and others, it hits too close to home with its New York/Time Square setting, buildings collapsing, and plane crashes or near crashes. Additionally, cars being flipped over, secret trains, and other special effects are used that have become very clichéd. 

Very problematic is the film’s use of a character who is racialized as Black and genderized as Male: Max Dillon. (There are at least a few other Black characters–police officers–but these characters have no name and no significant role.) Max is very bright. He invents the power grid that runs the city but doesn’t receive any credit for it and is ridiculed…

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