50 Things Every Girl Needs To Hear

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Maria AlvarezMaria Alvarez

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(1) Men are not the enemy. For that matter, neither are women. We’re all in this together.

(2) Find what you love doing and do it.

(3) Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re capable of.

(4) Learn from your mistakes.

(5) Learn to forgive the mistakes of others.

(6) Know that life is a series of highs and lows and that’s okay.

(7) No one is going to save you. Learn to save yourself.

(8) Be exactly who you are and the right people will love you.

(9) Being part of someone’s life is a privilege. Treat it as such.

(10) Don’t try and look like the women you see in magazines. Even they don’t look like that.

(11) You will encounter moments where life seems utterly hopeless. They will pass.

(12) See the beauty in everything and everyone.

(13) Never ever settle for…

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50 Fun, Cheap Dates (That Aren’t Netflix)

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1. Cheer on an amateur sports team in your city. It’s just as fun as supporting a Real Team but tickets are dirt cheap. My city’s non-pro baseball team has a few dates during the summer where tickets are $5 and they have $1 beers all night. Also, until we got a new baseball stadium whenever there was a home game on a Wednesday you could get in for $3 with a student ID (mine didn’t include a date so no one knew I graduated ~3 years ago).

2. Make a fire outside. This is free and hands down, the best date ever.

3. Go through this list of questions and answer them all, back and forth. Or, use it as part of a game of truth or dare.

4. Bowling is always a fun night out, and if you go during the week you can find somewhere to…

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I Work In A Facility For Long-Term Coma Patients. You Won’t Believe What I Got To Do With One Of Them.

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Martin HowardMartin Howard

It began like most other nights at the Lauret Nursing Home. The sound of my footsteps filled the stark, empty hallway as I did my rounds.

I had heard the orderlies refer to this area as the “vegetable patch” and their characterization wasn’t too far off. What may not be public knowledge is that coma patients oftentimes get sent to long term care facilities such as this regardless of age if they do not have any life threatening medical conditions (or hope of waking for that matter). I glided past the rooms with my goal in sight.

As I neared his suite, my feet picked up their pace. I entered Bill Waters’ room and found his wife yet again at his side. I admired this woman greatly for her devotion to Bill. After nine long years, she was still his doting wife. Seeing her almost daily really touched…

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