Nikita (The CW 2010-2013)

I’m some what embarrassed yet at the same time some how proud to say I love Nikita (The CW 2010-2013). Not everyone likes a strong female lead character but I do and I got to say Nikita has thus far been the only American TV show I’ve ever seen that creates a well-rounded female character. And I do get why people don’t like it- Nikita employs super cheesy writers and the third season was a snore-fest – but Nikita really turned it around the fourth and final season. During the last season, Nikita took on the Illumanti, the U.S. government, and her archenemisis Amanda – talk about some serious multitasking for a single woman and 6 episode final season.

But I guess the real reason I like Nikita is it’s the first show I’ve ever seen to create a strong female lead that kicks ass but also cries on screen. Nikita’s character is well developed over the course of four seasons: she comes in a cop-killer, a wild animal that can’t be controlled, and emerges a multi-lingual swan. Nikita is beautiful because she’s not perfect, she’s extremely flawed. Nikita gets angry, at times we can feel the hatred that runs through her veins but over the course of the series we see she learns how to control her emotions, and ultimately she learns how to get what she wants.

I love Nikita, because in the end we see the title character turn her weaknesses into her strength. Nikita is compassionate, honorable, and she sticks to her guns. Nikita is the ideal woman and we should strive to have more well-rounded characters like her on screen.

*Side note: I do know The CW’s version of Nikita is based on the Canadian version La Femme Nikita (1997-2001) which is based on an even earlier film by Luc Besson. I am strictly comparing The CW’s Nikita to other contemporary American films and TV shows that I’ve seen. So please don’t send me comments about Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games. Her face was completely deadpanned during her entire performance in the last Hunger Games movie and it was awful. It didn’t do anything for women and neither did Lawrence’s performance in American Hustle.


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