“Existence exis…

“Existence exists – and the act of grasping the statement implies two corollary axioms: that something exists which one perceives and that one exists possessing consciousness, consciousness being the faculty of perceiving that which exists.
“If nothing exists, there can be no consciousness: a consciousness with nothing to be conscious of is a contradiction in terms…
“Existence is Identity, Consciousness is Identification…
“Man cannot survive except by gaining knowledge, and the reason is his only means to gain it.
“Reality is that which exists; the unreal does not exists; the unreal is merely that negation of existence which is the content of a human consciousness when it attempts to abandon reason. Truth is the recognition of reality; reason, man’s only means of knowledge, is his only standard of truth.
“A rational process is a moral process.
“Thinking is man’s only basic virtue…”

Since everyone loves a good quote, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. This quote is from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged p.929-930. When I tell people I like Ayn Rand’s work they all sort of laugh and snicker because her works are kind of regarded as the tenants of, “the Republican Bible.” (Search Paul Ryan and Atlas Shrugged; he made comments in the Presidential election in 2012 that he made his interns read Atlas Shrugged but it was later revealed that he himself had not read the 1,069 page book.) I’m not Republican and I’m not as much as a Randian as I use to be, but the reason I read her writing still is because I like her style. I was first introduced to her in high school when I read Anthem (one of her shorter works by the way). At times Ayn Rand is very philosophical and her writing reveals deep fundamental truths. That’s why I keep on reading. I will finish this book this year!


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