Why Be Real When You Can Be Photoshopped?


No one ever talks about the consequences of photoshop. Most people don’t even know about the side of photoshop that makes models like Karlie (above) quite literally larger in size because they’re too thin. When we think of photoshop we imagine something more like this:


Above we see Jessica Alba. Photoshop has made her thinner, extenuating her curves, and it’s enhanced the colors in the photo.

With all this photoshop going around I can’t help but wonder, who would be the declared GQ’s most beautiful woman if we compared REAL women? Women whose photos aren’t constantly photoshopped to make their noses smaller, their hips curvier, and their lips more full. Women who didn’t edit their photos. Women who are beautiful in person, without a photo filter.

I would suggest we look at photos women submit of themselves, but look at all the photos of women on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. Even regular women like me put their photos through some kind of editing; whether it’s an increase in the light exposure rendering their pimples and nose into oblivion, or some kind of colorful pre-made filter making their photo and themselves appear “artsy.”

I guess why be real when you can be perfectly photoshopped right? If you’re too thin, make yourself curvier; if you’re too pale, put the photo in black and white; and if you’re just right, well put a filter on it anyways to make yourself look cool. Because every photo that’s published online or in a magazine today is completely fake. It’s not a competition of who’s the most beautiful, it’s a competition to be the most photoshopped.

Today’s standard of beauty is photoshop. If you haven’t edited your photo in some sort of way, your photo won’t stick out and be considered beautiful. I really hope someday this changes and we get back to unedited photos. Because ultimately isn’t less more?

Inspired by an article I read here: http://www.businessinsider.com/models-are-so-thin-magazines-have-to-photoshop-them-fatter-2013-12


One thought on “Why Be Real When You Can Be Photoshopped?

  1. I’ve heard of this technique once before and wow those pics are scary. Most people think photoshopping is for the opposite without realizing it’s also used to make people look bigger/more ‘healthy’. Eye opening post and it’s true that to compete with professional photography us everday lasses also have to use image editing to make our photos look more appealing and that goes beyond ourselves in the photo but to the whole photo itself e.g. clarity, colour, contrast = vivid eye catching photos.

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