Difference Between “Lady” and “Person”

While using one of my favorite sites (stumbleupon) I literally stumbled upon an article called “The 11 Differences Between Dating a Boy and Dating a Man” http://justmytype.ca/11-differences-between-dating-a-boy-vs-a-man/ It got me thinking about the differences between being a “woman” and being a “lady.” Here’s my list:

(1) Women can be a sexual objects; ladies cannot.

(2) Women give birth to children; ladies give birth to nobelmen.

(3) I’ll go a step farther and say: When women give birth, the result is the public; when ladies give birth, they give birth to kingdoms.

(4) Women gossip; ladies are well informed.

(5) Women work; ladies have others do their work for them.

(6) A woman cooks and cleans; a lady is served and taken care of.

(7) Women get fat and ugly; ladies are always thin and pretty.

(8) Women will age but ladies are ageless.

(9) Women are flawed but ladies are flawless.

What do all these differences between “women” and “ladies” add up too?

(10) Women can’t be presidents but they can be first “ladies” if they meet the above criteria.

It also got me thinking, what are the differences between being a lady and being a person. I named my radio show “Lady Second” because I wanted people to understand we’re all people first and forthright, and we all ought to have a voice in media regardless of our gender, racial background or socio-economic class. People regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, racial/linguistic background or socio-economic class have a few basic desires: to be heard and understood. Every single person on Earth wants to be seen as the person that they are inside; no one wants to be labeled like tuna in a can. But sometimes even the most humblest of human beings will sacrifice their basic desires for the comfort of labels because labels are easy to read and never change.

My show is called “Lady Second” and I chose the word “Lady” rather than “Woman” or “Female” because it coveys a sense of importance and authority that I obviously don’t have (I’m a 22 year old college student and this is my first radio show ever). While writing this list I realized the only real difference between being a “woman” and being a “lady” is how you label others. If you think others are better than you because they label themselves “Lady” or “Mrs.” or whatever, then they won. You no longer think of them as human and they become an authoritative figure.


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